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Providence is an East Coast gem — an always-growing, ever-changing metropolis we think everyone should get to know. There’s no better way to explore this community than with Providence2GO — and you can be one of the first to try it!

Powered by groundbreaking technology, our app brings the city to your fingertips: We connect you directly to the people and institutions that make Providence such an amazing place to visit and live. No more searching, no more switching between apps, and no more worrying about whether you have a signal.

Just launch and start learning about Providence and its people.

With us, you’ll get behind-the-scenes views, locals-only tips, special deals from nearby bars, restaurants, and shops — and more! — just by making your way through the city with your iOS device.


As a visitor, you can experience the city like a local with the best in food, drinks, entertainment, and places to stay. Already a Providence resident? We’ll help you stay up to speed on the ever-evolving city you call home.

Here are just a few ways Providence2GO connects you to the city:

  • Take your WaterFire experience deeper: Learn more about the artists, songs, and the history surrounding the event
  • Peek inside the makers studios at AS220
  • Connect Providence Public Library exhibits with your city experience
  • Deepen your Rhode Tour experience with additional hyperlocal insights
  • Get fresh insights from Roger Williams University’s School of Continuing Studies with special student-focused content

We are adding new partners all the time — check in often for the latest!


Message your friends in group chats — no wifi or cell signal needed.

Our frictionless Bluetooth Low Energy technology transmits your message using an encrypted mesh network — that means if you’re at WaterFire with friends, you can message one another securely without worrying about whether you’ve got a reliable signal.


All this is possible with our FREE iOS app (sign up for our mailing list to be notified when it’s available). Thanks to our unique technology, it works on iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and even iPads — no cell or Internet connection necessary!

During setup, you pick the channels you want to subscribe to — meaning you’ll only get information on the topics and organizations you care about. (If you change your mind later, you can always pick new categories.)

Then, get on your feet! As you explore, you’ll get notifications on your device directly from the organizations you’ve selected whenever there’s something new to explore. It’s that easy.


Ready to get out there and start exploring? Providence2GO will be available on iTunes soon. Be the first to find out and download by joining our mailing list today! We’ll notify you as soon as it’s here.