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Connected Cities

You’ve heard of a Smart City; now meet the Connected City — powered by Loud-Hailer.

In a Connected City, government, organizations, and local businesses of every size can engage with residents directly through smart devices — even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

Connecting your city

Our Connected City technology can be deployed in a matter of months, with minimal capital investment from both public and private sectors.

Participating organizations will get all the tools needed to make it happen:

  • Buki-Boxes to connect to the Loud-Hailer network and access our patent-pending technology. Our system is truly hyperlocal, engaging only those who can directly benefit, based off their location
  • A user-friendly content management system, which lets businesses create their own content and upload to our network to implement hyperlocal advertising campaigns, engagement, and more
  • Free visual templates that make designing and uploading text, photo, and video advertising simple
    — no professional designers, web developers, or programmers needed
  • Live A/B testing for in-the-moment metrics to measure your engagement
  • Complete documentation and support to be successful with your campaigns
  • Valuable analytics that reflect not just impressions but also whether and how your content was viewed, how it influenced behavior through near real-time movement data, and allow you to gauge ROI more accurately.

Our goal is simple: to create a disruptive new model of engagement and help local businesses target nearby users with hyperlocal content and personalized offers too good to pass up.

We believe every business should be able to take advantage of these revenue-generation and engagement opportunities — not just enterprise-level businesses with unlimited revenue and resources. We level the playing field.

Explore our pilot program

See the Connected City at work in Providence, the first city in the world to trial this disruptive technology designed to encourage users to explore the world around them — while giving every business, however small, a voice to reach those users.

For Providence2GO, our pilot program, we’ve partnered with major arts, civic and educational organizations in the city to roll out this new way of connecting, so that everyone from residents and tourists to local businesses can experience it for themselves.
Discover how our technology is transforming Providence, RI

Smart City Vs. Connected City

Curious about the differences between Smart Cities and Connected Cities? Learn more below.

Smart City Connected City
Funding source Government Government/Public/private
Primary purpose Resource allocation and operational efficiency Commerce, physical experiences, community engagement
How it works Cell, WiFi / Internet Cell, WiFi / Internet and Bluetooth Low Energy (hyperlocal)
Smartphone integration? No Yes
End user City government Consumer / Citizen
Time to see ROI Mid- to long-term Short-term
Platform Data gathering, operations, analytics Communication, engagement, data gathering, analytics