Who We Work With

We’ve developed Loud-Hailer’s technology to be a solution for businesses and organizations of all kinds!

If you’ve got an audience and an idea — from proximity engagement to hyperlocal advertising, and anywhere in between — let’s talk about how Loud-Hailer can help!

Here are just a few ways our technology can work with different types of businesses:

  • Public transportation: rider load and congestion tracking
  • Retailers: digital endcaps, hyperlocal deals, curbside pickup services, and more
  • White Label: Companies who would like to use our SDK (Software Development Kit) to get our functionality with their existing app.
  • Advertisers: Those who want to take advantage of our exciting, very unique, technology that allows them not just to get their message out but gives them valuable analytics as to how people engage.
  • Connected Campus: Learning institutions who want a secure network to engage and communicate with staff and students.
  • Connected City: Cities that want a true smart city connecting utilities, transportation, emergency response, connect businesses and citizens.

Though there are many ways to put Loud-Hailer to work for you, we’ve initiated pilot programs for two specific types of customers, in the university and municipal spaces.

Connected Campuses    Connected Cities