What we do

Proximity advertising

Loud-Hailer creates a microcommunity that lets all devices communicate directly — without the need for a cell network or WiFi connection.

What does it do?

We go beyond GPS’s capabilities for proximity location.

Cell-phone dead zones, crowded stadiums, shopping malls, and parking garages are no match for our groundbreaking technology. We pinpoint a user’s exact location — indoors or outdoors, even in low- or no-connectivity areas!
how it works

Using our technology’s proximity calculation capabilities, you can…

  • Generate heat maps to capture and influence traffic patterns
  • Create relevant, personalized, hyperlocal content in real time
  • Test the effectiveness of your content using live A/B testing
  • Capture valuable analytics that reflect the effectiveness of your engagement in real-time

How can you use Loud-Hailer?

Your imagination is your only limit. Here are just a few of the ways to use our technology

  • Invite users to communicate directly with your business — and each other
  • Show users in close proximity and in real-time your offerings: Menu, drink specials, sales
  • Pull back the curtain and show them around your business in a virtual environment
  • Offer people from out of town more of a "locals only" experience. Show them the hidden gems
  • Provide education and other info on nearby products, attractions, and history

Who’s it for?

Any business or organization with an audience is a potential customer: Cruise ships, museums, amusement parks, universities, restaurants, bars, convention centers, even entire cities can use our technology.

Ready to learn how Loud-Hailer can help you engage your community?