What we do

Hyperlocal Engagement

Everyone should be able to take advantage of a revolutionary revenue opportunity, from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations. We are proud of our technologies ability to even the digital playing field where businesses don't get lost in the ever growing digital world.

Loud-Hailer creates microcommunities that help businesses connect to nearby audiences, without the need for WiFi or a cell signal. Our digital proximity platform helps you to monitor users’ engagement with your specific content. It monitors how the content influences consumer behavior without relying on WiFi or cell signal.

What does it do?

Using our technology’s proximity calculation capabilities, you can…

  • Generate heat maps to capture and influence traffic patterns
  • Create personalized ad content in real time
  • Test the effectiveness of your content using live A/B testing
  • See valuable analytics to plan increasingly effective future campaigns
  • Capture only customers in your area most likely to give you business maximizing ROI


how it works


Revenue generation with Loud-Hailer

Tailor your hyperlocal ad strategy for your business and your customers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create ads that engage nearby shoppers and guide them to within inches of a product
  • Offer special deals that entice nearby users to pop in for a visit
  • Build brand recognition and loyalty with valuable - useable information
  • Offer relevant products based off real time: Hot day = ice cream specials, Cold day = hot chocolate or coffee

And our content management system (CMS) makes it easy to create and manage your own hyperlocal advertising content — no professional designers, web developers, or programmers needed. Ever!

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Any business can use Loud-Hailer’s affordable, accessible technology to create new revenue generation opportunities.

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