What we do

You’ve never seen digital proximity technology like this. Connecting with your community is easier than ever with Loud-Hailer!

Loud-Hailer takes an approach different from existing GPS and beacon technology, using simple hardware powered by Bluetooth Low Energy to connect you to your audience — even in low- and no-connectivity areas.

From the moment users are within range of your business, they’ll begin receiving notifications from you about the latest content: peeks behind-the-scenes, locals-only tips and tricks, even special deals.

Businesses of every size can use Loud-Hailer to connect with their audiences. Here are just a few of our technology’s features:

  • Real-time heat maps to pinpoint user movement
  • Easy-to-use content creation software, including design templates
  • A/B content testing for the most effective engagement

Our groundbreaking technology is “B2B2C” — any organization with an audience and an imagination is a potential customer.

Find out more about Loud-Hailer’s proximity engagement solutions using the links below:

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