How it works

Loud-Hailer creates micro-communities that help organizations and individuals connect seamlessly with hyperlocal advertising and relevant messaging and content — all without the need for wifi or cell signal.

Loud-Hailer’s groundbreaking Connected City platform is driven by Buki-Boxes, our proprietary hardware that scales our technology on a citywide level.

These thin boxes — 9” tall and less than 3” thick — connect to smartphones and other smart devices using Bluetooth Low Energy, forming a mesh network made from all connected devices nearby to seamlessly pass messages and data along, without the need for a cell network or wifi connection. Being double encrypted everyone's’ data on the network is secure.

Bluetooth Low Energy eliminates all the obstacles that limit other technologies. Now, you can deliver multimedia content to users, capture engagement data, and even pinpoint a user’s exact location horizontally and vertically, indoors and out — even in low- and no-connectivity areas.

Organizations of every size and budget can use our content management system to create and upload fresh, relevant content to engage hyper-local audiences. Our technology evens the digital playing field, from a large international corporations to corner stores everyone has a voice.  

Once downloaded our app puts our hyper-local network at their fingertips — they are able to “Connect to the world around them with just one tap”. Cell and WiFi connectivity aren’t required for our technology to work, so the app (currently available on iOS) works on any smart device: iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPhone. We have Android under development so please click “ANDROID APP” and enter your email to sign up and we will notify you when it is available for download.


Looking for more options? We’re currently working hard on an SDK version and will make this technology available to third-party developers through a software development kit (SDK).


Ready to dive deeper? Click the buttons below to learn about our proprietary Buki-Boxes, Content Management System, and our app.