Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I need to have an Internet connection for the app to work?

When you’re in range of a Buki-Box, you are immediately connected to Loud-Hailer’s network through Bluetooth Low Energy — so there’s no need for an Internet connection.

What’s the difference between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

Despite similar names, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) actually exist for very different uses. Bluetooth is always on and used for applications with a steady stream of data needs. Bluetooth Low Energy, on the other hand, stays in sleep mode until a connection is initiated for short bursts of data.
Because Bluetooth is always active, it can drain your device’s battery quickly. But BLE only turns on to transmit and receive data, which means low energy consumption and — you guessed it — longer battery life.

Will having Bluetooth turned on drain my phone battery?

No, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) turns on only to transmit and receive data, minimizing the drain on your battery. It uses less battery life than cell or WiFi functions, which can use up to 40 times the power that BLE does.

Will Loud-Hailer messages eat into my data plan?

Great news: Because Loud-Hailer messages are sent through Bluetooth, they have no effect on your data plan. So go ahead, message away!

Can I use Loud-Hailer with my Bluetooth turned off?

No. Loud-Hailer operates using Bluetooth Low Energy, so you’ll need to have Bluetooth switched on in your device’s settings to use our messaging and personalized content features.

What’s a mesh network?

A mesh network is a network made up of many “nodes” that relay data. In Loud-Hailer’s case, those nodes are our Buki-Boxes. The benefit of mesh networks: There’ is no single point of vulnerability, so even if one or many nodes fail, the network will still remain in operation! In the unlikely event that a Buki-Box goes down, the data will simply be rerouted through other nodes.
On Loud-Hailer’s network, each connected user’s device also serves as a node, which makes the network even stronger — so while you might experience weaker data capabilities in crowded areas using traditional cellular or WiFi networking, higher user density actually means an even better experience for you.

If other devices can connect to mine, does that put my data privacy at risk?

Your privacy is never at risk! No one has access to your device or its contents. In Loud-Hailer’s offline messaging, users invisibly relay messages through a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network — but all that happens behind the scenes. The message and other data you transmit — including your sender data — are protected through dual encryption.
Only your contacts — in the group you’ve designated — can read your message, even though other people’s devices are helping to transmit it.

What is a Buki-Box?

Buki-Boxes are the cornerstone of our technology. They’re the hardware devices that send and receive the Bluetooth signals that operate the Loud-Hailer network. (And at 9” tall and less than 3” thick, Buki-Boxes keep a low profile while doing the heavy lifting. You won’t even notice them!)
Fun fact: The box is named after our founders’ dog, Buki!

Does Loud-Hailer work only with smartphones?

No — you don’t actually need a smartphone to use Loud-Hailer’s technology. All you need is a smart device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iWatch, and iPad all have what it takes.
We’re working on Android capabilities right now…

If I have an iPad or an iPod Touch, can I still recieve content?

Yes! Loud-Hailer technology currently works with all Apple smart devices with Bluetooth capabilities, including iPad and iPod Touch.